Cost Break Down

There are so many factors that go into determining the cost for your mission trip. Where will you lodge? How many days on mission?...
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Mission Trip Checklist

Missions Checklist Call Ashley Kendall. Give me a ring at 404-358-6766 or email at and let me tell you why this is the...
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Team Contract

1. Fill out the contract. Please send this by email to, not regular mail, to speed up the process. Please do not send...

Frequently Asked Questions

Please call Ashley Kendall, 404-358-6766, if you have any other questions!   How much does it cost to bring a team? It’s $15 per...
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The majority of the costs are in lodging and food. Each team’s budget is a different so it’s really up to you as to...
Team Whirlwind Video

Team Whirlwind Video

Team Whirlwind Promo


Most teams get groceries for the week and cook.Cereal and fruit for breakfast, then we can eat out at an ethnic food fave including...


How is your team getting to Atlanta? Most teams come in their church vans, Greyhound busses or fly into Hartsfield Jackson Airport and then...

Send in Your Support

Half of total is due six months before team arrives on site.($15 per person/ per day)   Please have the rest of the total...


Most teams get groceries for the week and cook.Cereal and fruit...