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Team Contract

1. Fill out the contract. Please send this by email to, not regular mail, to speed up the process. […]

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The majority of the costs are in lodging and food. Each team’s budget is a different so it’s really up […]



Most teams get groceries for the week and cook.Cereal and fruit for breakfast, then we can eat out at an […]



How is your team getting to Atlanta? Most teams come in their church vans, Greyhound busses or fly into Hartsfield […]



CRAFTS I think it’s great to use the material that you had for your own VBS to use with our […]


Mission Trip Schedule

SPRING BREAK SCHEDULE JANUARY-MAY  Whirlwind Missions SPRING BREAK Schedule   ** From January to May 24th the Mission Kids are still […]

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Why was this the best mission trip EVER? “ I got to see things I never got to see last […]

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Team Info

Team Info Most groups come and do backyard Bible Clubs with us during Spring Break and the Summer. This year […]

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Monday Monday is the big briefing on the area and how to round up/deal with the kids at the mission. […]

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Team Whirlwind Tees!

Support your local missionaries and look GROOVY! Bring $12 with you to buy this stylish Team Whirlwind T-shirt. Top three reasons […]