Why was this the best mission trip EVER?

“ I got to see things I never got to see last time.”

  • Emalee N. of Moultrie,GA

“ I got to go to some of the same places from last year.”

-Skyler W. of Moultrie,GA

“Y’all were so fun and out going and excited to share the Word.”

  • Gabrielle S. of MS

“I love to experience new thinkgs and cultures so I can know my surroundings.”

  • Ryan M. of MS

“ We saw God working and he answered our prayers by keeping the rain away until after we were done at our complex. Also hearing about Bayo’s testimony, he encouraged us and it was a blessing.”

  • Ashley P. of GA

“I love to bond with the kids and this is a great opportunity to get away from the stress of the Tennessee household.”

  • Savannah B. of GA

“It was fun for us to be able to share the Word of Jesus and have the best day EVER!”

  • Angela G. of Knoxville,TN

“ I got to see all these cultures and enjoy teaching these great kids.”

  • Cora P. of Knoxville,TN

“Because of Mr. Tim’s enthusiasm!”

-Jonathan J. of Jenkinsburg, GA

“We really connected with the kids and had a great time sharing the word of God with them. We also learned a lot about different cultures and got to experience them first hand.”

  • Emma H. of Lucedale, MS

“I enjoyed witnessing to the many kids.”

  • Morgan M. of Lucedale, MS

“We got to work with y’all and the kids. We had so much fun finding out different things. We love y’all so much. We had a great time.”

  • Sydney H. of Lucedale, MS

“Christ was the center.”

  • Rebecca M of Andrews, NC

“I was given the opportunity to lead two little ones to Christ!”

  • Ashley J. of Cooledge,GA

“This has been one of the greatest expirences of my life! I have grown so close to these little kids. They were so precious. My favorite part was when this little girl wanted to talk, so we went to the slide. She told me she was saved and we talked about God and his salvation but then she asked me if I could help her lead her little brother to Christ! What an amazing feeling and an honor to have been in this position. This has been an amazing week. Thank y’all so much for placing us here.”

  • Ashleyn M.J. of Lucedale, MS

“Exposure and learning about the different cultures.”

  • Christi W. of Lucedale, MS

“I made an immediate connection with the kids.”

-EJ L. of Lucedale, MS

“I liked all the field trips and being able to pull the information to use.”

-Madeline H. of GA

“Oh my goodness! Ashley is awesome and Mr. Tim is Amazing! You guys are great and the kids are wonderful and hilarious.”

  • Ally D. of GA

“It was really fun learning about different religions and going to the Global Mall. I hope to do this next year!”

  • Dixie D. of GA

“All the multi-culture experiences and the missions site kids were awesome!”

  • Becky H. of Duluth, GA


“ The opportunity that we have to minister to so many people groups. What and awesome week we had! God is AWESOME. I look forward to working with this group again. Tim and Ashley are amazing and God is using them both to impact God’s kingdom.” – Lori S. of Stockbridge, GA

“ I really like being challenged and this was definetely challening and so fullfilling!”

  • Carolyn P. of McDonough, GA

“I got to see God work in awesome ways.”

  • Joshua D. of Powell, TN

“Mr. Tim and Ashley are the bomb dot com, baby!”

  • Ben W. of Irmo, SC

“I got to serve with my entire family. You can’t always do that on a mission trip. Y’all have a great set up that makes serving fun!”

  • Robert M. of Moultrie, GA

“I LOVED watching my child experience diffeent culteres.”

  • Darcie C. of Hattiesburg, MS

“I loved the smiles on the children’s faces. Also very educational. I loved being on missions with my family.”

  • Emma M. of Sumrall, MS

“I got to work with othere and watched my son step out of his comfort zone with other kids.”

  • Bryson S. of Hattiesburg, MS

“I got the chance to serve with my family.”

  • Amy L. of Hattiesburg, MS

“Our church has always done construction work type mission trips. This trip with Whirlwind gave us the opportunity to explore and spread God’s love in a way that many of us have not done. We made new friends and hopefully impacted lives sharing the Gospel.”

  • Sandi  W. of SC

“It was my first and I love the set up of it all. It’s fun and interactive, plus Tim and Ashley make it exciting!”

  • Alec M. of  SC

“Today is the best day EVER! Y’all are doing a great job, both old and new students are enjoying it and growing.”

  • Tagg W. of Irmo, SC

“I was able to use my Spanish without having to be nervous.”

  • Garret B of SC

“This trip was used by God to teach me more humility and that is something I cannot get enough of.”

  • Robert S.

“Ten salvations and many seeds planted!”

  • Caleb G. of SC

“So much diversity!”

  • Justin C. of Clement, SC

“Y’all are so uplifting and fun and I had an amazing time with the kids and touring everything. God blessed us and I’ll keep y’all in my prayers.”

  • Brianna B. of Athens, AL

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