The International Village

Welcome to the International Village in Metro Atlanta. Your team is in for a remarkable missions trip!

There are now 761 language groups and over 145 different people groups¬†represented¬†within 5 miles of our headquarters! You are about to take a real, live foreign mission trip!¬†Atlanta has attracted an enormous immigrant population because of its airport, its educational institutions, and the metro area’s flourishing economy. Atlanta’s international population represents every corner of the globe.

It is truly a unique area in America. Until recently Wycliff Bible Translators had a missionary doing a version of the Hmong Bible living at Woodgate in Chamblee!

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Buford highway where most of our work is held is a seven-lane corridor that hosts 18,000 single-family homes and apartments within a six-mile stretch. Practically all the residents and business owners of this area are Asian and Latino.

Imagine for a second that you have been transported to Cambodia. You don’t understand the language, don’t know how to use the transportation system, or what food is safe or how to see a doctor. Two Buddhists dressed in orange robes come to your door, speaking English. You’re excited because they know your language. They say, “Hello, my name is Phoung and this is Than. We want to welcome you to our community. We realize that you don’t speak our language and we want you to know that we have Cambodian classes downstairs. We understand that you have children. Since you probably can’t help them with their homework we have set up classes to help them after school. If you have a problem getting to the doctor, or need help translating, call me.” And he hands you his card. After a while, what do you think your impression is going to be of Buddhists? I don’t know what you thought about Buddhist back home, but they start to look pretty good in Cambodia! This is exactly what we do in the International Village, except instead of Buddhists, we’re Christians!

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  1. Queenie

    Sam, I love the 5-year-old vs. 25-a-yreold comparison. I’ve never thought of it from that angle before. Here I am almost 50 years old and I still want God to “just tell me what to do so I can do it and be done with it!” But God is always after so much more than just my robotic obedience. Great post.


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