Monday is the big briefing on the area and how to round up/deal with the kids at the mission. We meet at First Baptist Doraville at 10 AM. Frist Baptist Doraville is located at 5935 New Peachtree Road, Doraville,GA 30340.

We start with teaching people “Hola” and have them greet every Spanish person they see at the market with that. During they week they’ll greet people in Mandarin, Arabic and Hindi as they travel.

Then we go see the Buford Highway Farmers market. Each aisle represents a different country! It’s like taking a trip around the world. I went there today. Greeted people in Turkish, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Korean. It’s an absolutely incredible place. We’re there for about an hour.


Tuesday we meet at First Baptist Doraville at 10:00 AM. I take them to CD Tower which is where people buy their Buddhist idols. Every morning before the tour, I give a briefing explaining that religion, what they believe and then we go see it. We also see the Chinese pharmacy and a Mexican/Guatemalan grocery store.

On Tuesday I also focus on recognizing the difference between Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese writing. They won’t understand it but they will recognize it!


On Wednesday we’ll meet at First Baptist Doraville at 10:00 AM. After the religious briefing on Islam an Hinduism we go to Global Mall to see and meet with a Hindu priest and see how they pray. We also go to a N. African grocery store, see their prayer room and a library of Islamic books.


On Thursday we’ll meet at First Baptist Doraville at 10 AM and then go to Plaza Fiesta which is an enormous Mexican mall. It’s an amazing place! We focus on the Botanicas which is the Catholic esoteric spiritual side. But the whole place is incredible. Just like you’ve been transported to Central America.

It is almost impossible for people who have not been here to truly understand how incredible this experience is that I’ve set up. After you’ve been here you’ll understand. You cannot oversell this trip. It is absolutely unique. And that’s from someone who has lived all over the world and grew up in Africa!

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